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It was late January when Agent Joan MacAuliffe first met her new partner, and by the time Valentine’s Day rolled around, she knew just enough not to be too surprised by the small white box Agent Webster pushed into her hands.

"I thought- you know, it’s a holiday, and you and I work together and all," the visibly pregnant desk jockey said, grinning nervously. Blinking, Jo peeked inside- three red velvet cupcakes were nestled together inside, the cream cheese frosting heavily dusted with pink sugar.

"Oh, wow. Thanks, Kip," Jo said sincerely, and smiled at the hugely pleased expression on the new agent’s face.

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The touch of a finger down a young woman’s spine- the heat of a mouth against a soldier’s hip- a hand carefully ruffling the hair of an immigrant child.

These and a thousand other times he nudges them, lets a little bit of his innate nature into the humans, chaos magic unraveling DNA and weaving it into new and exciting things. He likes them, he always has, in the way some humans have always liked cats or birds or other beautiful and interesting animals. He remembers all the stories of how they suffered, their soft bodies and agile minds no match against the cruelty and ice of Jotunheim, and imagines all the new and exciting strengths and abilities they will develop thanks to his (meddling, interference) guidance.

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Agent Coulson played by Clark Gregg | “If you try to escape, or play any sort of games with me, I will taze you and watch “Supernanny” while you drool into the carpet.”

phil of the day

That line makes me giggle.

The thing I love about him is that he’s such a badass and he’s so normal… literally a Badass Normal… And I want to hug him because he looks like a teddy bear to me.

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