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So instead of drawing everyone in NQT being harassed/molested/symbioted by Venom

I lost interest and started drawing everyone in NQT as babies.

because… BABIES

So here is some linearts, see if you can tell who’s who without it being in color





it’s… idk, lol. I like it but I also realize it’s not very good so I guess it evens out?

I love it, so does that overweigh the other thing you said? Which I won’t repeat so shhhh.

WELLLL the judges do take your opinion into consideration <3

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it’s… idk, lol. I like it but I also realize it’s not very good so I guess it evens out?


I will totally finish this, alright. I will.

I used like four



photo references, because, you know, I don’t really actually know what kissing people look like

But I really like how this is coming along.

I just think I need to figure out to squeeze the rest of the NQT cast in there somehow.

And really I am just drawing something cute and sweet and fluffy because I’ve been writing some horrible horribleness over in the Loki In Hell thread. But I figure it’s for a good cause anyways. I am totally cheered up from all this.

edit : …dude looks like a lady. :|


i realized that i haven’t actually listened to or sang anything from the RENT soundtrack since I used to sing it in Duncan’s car? So I went a-youtube.

Bruce = Roger

Mike = Mimi

Nick = Tom Collins

Loki = Angel

Steve = Joanna

Tony = Maureen

Not sure who should be Mark, or who Mala, Jack, Ianto, and Mikel should be

Now the real question is, am i going to draw this

or am I going to finish this manicure?





They weren’t going to be naked but I notice I didn’t draw any clothing on Nick

Let’s just say he’s about to put on a shirt for work, he’s half dressed, Loki’s already got his kilt on

And also I guess Loki got a haircut, I didn’t notice til just now that his hair looks like that… lol

these two are all the cutes

their cutes combined to form a wild Jaka

side note for other NQT players: I tagged everybody, right? I feel like I’ve forgotten someone.