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A continuation of a fic that I was writing a while back! But now I am writing it again, mostly because I posted the other two bits on Ao3 and that inspired me to write more. Here is part three!

~ ~ ~

Loki lost what little appetite he had, picking at his meals but no longer able to stomach more than a few bites at a time. Everything he touched to his lips felt like slime, tasted of ashes. The smells made Loki’s stomach heave, bringing forth images of the old and infirm, their still-living bodies rotting from the inside out.

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Booster Gold, is there nothing you won’t do?

My friend Erica started a Tumblr, and she is working a series of B-list DC beefcake, so if that isn’t a reason to follow her I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS





So. Kate. Here is part one of MANY MANY MANY.


Bruce and Loki, Loki and Bruuuce. <3 

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Things for Bruce had progressed somewhat .. differently.

He’d been working with SHIELD and the Avengers to learn a different sort of control with Hulk. They’d started to understand what Bruce had been saying all along: that Hulk was definitely his own entity, he didn’t like being yelled at or belittled and, actually, quite liked being useful.

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The showers became a more common occurrence.

Loki ate his meals a little more often, even though eating too much made him sleepy and confused. Part of him had hoped that eating more would make him a little stronger, would help him keep track of time. Instead, he started catching himself spending untold hours in a lethargic fugue, sprawled on his back on the cot, slumped against a wall, facedown on the floor. Sometimes he skipped meals, and managed to have a little more energy, enough to think carefully and wonder just what was going into his food.

He still ate sometimes, though. Loki even thought he might be gaining back a little bit of the weight he’d seemed to have lost since he fell from the Bifrost. Loki once tried to go as long as he could without eating, but only managed to go a handful of mealtimes before losing his resolve.

~ ~ ~

Fury walked into the room one day, when Loki was feeling particularly lucid. He still refused to wear armor in Loki’s presence, which infuriated Loki to no end. He was in uniform, true, and wearing a long coat, but Loki gathered that this was more a choice of preference than anything else.

Loki managed to sit up in the cot, leaning back against the wall as he watched the man cross the room and tower over him.

“I think it’s time you answered a few questions, Mr. Odinson,” Fury said firmly.

“Surely you know that I’ll give you nothing but lies,” Loki murmured, meeting Fury’s gaze. “I know Thor’s told you that much about me, if he speaks of me at all.”

“No, he hasn’t,” Fury said quietly. “Your brother wants us to let him visit you. He misses you.” Loki started giggling helplessly, hysteria forcing the laughter from him even as Fury stared disapprovingly down at him. “There’s nothing particularly funny about it, Mr. Odinson.”

“Hilarious,” Loki grinned. “Because you think you can lie to me about Thor, because you think you can deceive me into thinking that he wants to see me. And because even when you’re not lying, you’re perpetuating Odin’s lies.”

Your father-?” Fury started, and Loki hissed.

No. Not my father. Has Thor not yet told you?” Loki leaned forward, resting his weight on his hands. “Odin is not my father. Odin found me after sacking Jotunheim, and thought it would be useful to let me live.” Loki’s mouth twisted into something foul. “Thor is not my brother. We’re not even the same species. I am the spawn of monsters, and you would be right to fear me more, human.

Thor has spoken to us already about this, Loki.” Fury came closer, actually sat on the foot of the bed, and Loki drew his knees to his chest, watching him warily. “Thor told us what he knew- that you were… adopted. That your parents didn’t tell either one of you until after he was banished to Earth. That you were born on Jotunheim, the same planet you tried to destroy with the Bifrost. He told us everything.”

Loki’s eyes narrowed, and he turned his face away. “Then you must realize the foolishness in trying to tell me that Thor misses a monster who was never his brother.” Fury sat there in silence for a few seconds, watching Loki with an expression that Loki was too weary to try to read. Finally, Fury spoke.

Where is the cosmic cube?” Loki snorted at the sudden question.

What does it matter, mortal? It is not yours; it never was. That treasure was won by Odin through battle, it belongs to him.”

Like you?” Fury asked gently. Loki glared sharply at him. Undeterred, Fury pressed on with, “One of our people has seen it in action before.” Loki thought for a moment, the name he wanted on the tip of his tongue.

The… Shield-soldier,” he tried. “The one who wears your flag.” Fury’s mouth twitched- it was possibly the closest Loki had seen to an identifiable emotion on the man’s face.

Yes. He said that when you had it, the Cube… reacted to something, that it behaved the way it did the last time he’d seen it. That it tore a hole in something, and he could see stars on the other side.” Loki shifted uncomfortably, nothing in the man’s words triggering a memory of any kind.

It was designed to do many things,” he said softly.

I want to know where you sent it when you opened that hole in reality,” Fury said. Loki fought down a brief sensation of panic at the thought of the Cube floating through the universe, never to be seen again. He rolled his eyes, shrugging as casually as possible.

Your left desk drawer. In the bottom of Stark’s liquor cabinet. The place where you keep Doctor Banner’s leash.” Loki bared his teeth in an approximation of a smile. “I’m there there are a lot of places you just haven’t looked yet, theoretically speaking.”

Theoretically speaking,” Fury said in a low, dangerous voice, “just what would it take to make you behave?”

You could all kill yourselves,” Loki sneered. Fury gazed evenly at him, letting him continue. “Honestly? No lies? There is nothing you can do to me that will make me behave. I care little for whatever tortures your mortal minds have devised- you are all children, and you simply don’t have it in you to break a god.”

You won’t cooperate yet? That’s fine,” Fury said simply, standing back up. He turned towards the door, something inside Loki snapping.

Don’t turn your back on me, human, don’t you dare-” Loki wasn’t sure how he managed to get onto his feet, much less propel himself across the room. One moment he was barely supporting his own weight, half-curled on the narrow bed. The next he was launching himself at Fury’s back, punching and grasping and clawing.

He barely touched the man before Fury somehow had him on his back, a boot firmly planted on his sternum. Loki howled and struggled, trying to throw Fury’s weight off of him. He gave up in exhaustion after a few seconds, eyes huge as he gasped raggedly for air.

I know you’re having a hard time accepting this, Mr. Odinson,” Fury said grimly, “but you are in no position to be making threats. We watch your every move, we hear every word you whisper to yourself. This building is going to be your entire world for the rest of your life. The quality of that life… well, that is entirely up to how willing you are to work with us instead of against us.”

Loki growled at him, wolflike and feral, and Fury took his boot off of his chest, leaving the room without another word.

~ ~ ~

One day, instead of leaving the tray of food near the door, the armored guard stepped all the way inside, came up to where Loki was hunched over the edge of the cot with his head in his hands. Loki glanced up at him and saw real contempt in the man’s face.

You must be new,” Loki said, smiling. “What’s on the menu today?”

You know, they told me you’d try to talk to me,” he said, brow furrowing. “You probably don’t even recognize me, do you? My kid sister and I were driving on the interstate when you tore it up. You walked right in front of the car and you punched it. The car flipped, and you came over and you smiled at us through the windshield.”

Loki shrugged, glancing down at the tray as the guard continued.

Put her in the hospital for a month. She still has trouble walkin’, you know.”

Well,” Loki said thoughtfully. “She doesn’t need to walk in her line of work. All she needs is the ability to lie on her back.” Loki grinned up at the guard, at his dumbfounded expression. “Is this supposed to be chicken? Because I’m sure chicken’s not that color-”

The tray connected with Loki’s face, over and over, and Loki howled, laughing until he choked, coughing up a spray of blood. Loki laughed as other guards rushed in, dragging the furious man back through the door, and bit the first gloved hand that tried to touch him.

~ ~ ~

For a while, Loki felt almost like his real, normal self. No guards came fully into his room at feeding times after that, and the guards who came to take him to the showers began hooking leads into the collar around his neck, keeping him too far away to be touched or attacked again.

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Physical nonsexual (and, frankly, unwanted) captivity snuggles!

Bruce and Loki!

Hopefully this is how the stuff I wrote recently will play out

Actually- no, this, yes, but with more Bruce acceptance and maybe even participation.


So. Kate. Here is part one of MANY MANY MANY.


Bruce and Loki, Loki and Bruuuce. <3 

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Here is… more, another one. And yeah. and I also am using present tense for this now instead of past tense, I don’t know why. I’ve been brutally busy lately.

And this part takes place before the actual opening to the game, just for reference. And mostly Loki is a whiney expositor of issues and feelings, but this is the last Loki-exposition for a while because shit’s gonna get real and I’m gonna start rolling out the rest of the Avengers and most of the avengers are replacements for the F:NV cast and just one thing, Craig Boone is now Claire Barton, and I enjoy the thought of drawing Clint perched in a giant dinosaur’s mouth, even if it’s post-apocalyptic Lady-Clint.

It’s their first night on the road to Primm, and Loki claims to be able to see the soft glow of the town, distinct from the distant smear of light on the horizon where New Vegas lay. Brooke knows, thanks to her Pipboy, that the distance is simply too great and the land too low in this area, especially with the amount of light pollution that Vegas puts out. She concludes that Loki is full of shit. Loki’s started a few conversations about things in the Mojave that make it painfully clear to Brooke that Loki’s not from the Mojave at all, and yet she tries so fucking hard to seem like she is.

Loki’s making them something to eat, reducing a bottle of Sunset Sarsaparilla to a light syrup and pouring it over some Dandy Boy apples, which looks disgusting and smells nauseatingly sweet, when she cocks her head to one side and begins a sentence with, “So I was talking to a couple of my fellow Mojavians last week-“

"Loki, for fuck’s sake," Brooke says flatly. "Mojavians is not a word. You can stop pretending you’re a native, too, because I’m not exactly from these parts, either. Okay?”

Loki nibbles her lower lip and is silent for a few moments, before shyly handing Brooke a tin plate covered in what Loki had cheerfully called “Campfire Cobbler” and a battered, but clean, fork. Brooke takes it and even puts some in her mouth, wincing slightly as it burns the tip of her tongue. After a few more minutes, silently eating and not looking directly at Brooke, Loki glances over, eyebrows raised.

"Well… I know you’re from a Vault, probably Vault 27, but I don’t know where that is," Loki begins, hesitant. "Is… is it far away?"

"Yes," Brooke sighs, gazing at the flames. "It’s… out east. Very far east."

"Oh," Loki says, and then, just as Brooke expects, "So… where Caesar’s from?"

"No," Brooke says firmly, getting up and climbing into her bedroll. "Farther east. Much farther."

Loki looks like she wants to press the issue, and Brooke is relieved, at first, when she doesn’t. Loki finishes her half of the cobbler, cleaning her plate and fork, and when it becomes clear Brooke is down for the night Loki finishes off what Brooke wouldn’t eat. Once she’s packed her plates and forks away, she climbs into her own bedroll and folds her arms behind her head. Brooke is almost asleep when Loki breaks the near-silence.

"I’m from the NCR," she says quietly. "My mother and father are both Rangers. My big sister’s a Ranger, too." Brooke glances over at her, because Loki is gangly and soft and very clearly not Ranger material, and Brooke doesn’t think she imagined the bitterness and longing in Loki’s voice.

"And what are you?” Brooke asks quietly, not because she’s interested- which, she isn’t- but because she thinks Loki wants her to, and it might speed the conversation up to the point where Loki will stop talking and let her sleep.

"I dream about being a god," Loki says, gazing wistfully at the stars.

"Uh." Brooke doesn’t have much to say to that, and is thankful that she will be parting ways with her probably-delusional companion the next day. Loki seems oblivious, because she keeps talking.

"Something like that, anyways. I dream sometimes about the stars, about magic. Sometimes I dream about being in a place, all covered in…" Loki makes a soft, frustrated sound. "I don’t know what it is. It’s… cold, and pale, like there’s no color in it at all, and it falls from the sky?"

Brooke considers this for a few seconds. “Sounds like snow to me, Loki.”

"Is that even a real word?" Loki asks idly, but her voice is starting to drift and Brooke thinks she might be asleep or very nearly there. A few minutes pass and Brooke’s starting to drift herself when Loki’s sleepy voice startles her awake.

"My dreams are so much like real life, it’s scary," she mumbles. Brooke sighs, propping her head up slightly.

"How?" she asks, and Loki makes a wry smirk up at the twinkling sky.

"In my dreams I’m a god, and I can do all these amazing things and I can win the war against Caesar’s Legion all by myself, and my parents still think I’m totally worthless next to my stupid Ranger sister.”

Brooke can’t think of a response that is neither sarcastic nor patronizing, but it doesn’t really matter because Loki rolls onto her side and pretends to go to sleep, and after a while Brooke, finally, falls into into a light slumber herself.


Fic is actually totally unrelated to the sketch, I just could not make myself like the picture LOL. also i forgot to draw brooke’s pipboy on hulk’s arm. oh well.

The heat and sizzle of a plasma weapon’s discharge almost masked the horrible odor of the hole burned through her attacker’s skull, smoke rising and gore pooling on the hardpan below the Powder Ganger’s crumpled body. Brooke shielded her eyes against the Mojave sun, giving her rescuer- a taller woman, with black hair that tumbled past her shoulders and bronze-colored goggles that sat on the upper curve of a high forehead- an uncertain half-smile, her face aching slightly to do so.

"Thanks," she said quietly, dusting herself off. The woman holstered her plasma pistol, giving Brooke a curious, searching look. Brooke sighed- her clothing was clearly Vault-issue, as was her Pipboy. The woman’s eyes lingered on the Vault tech a little longer than Brooke was comfortable with, and she stepped just a little closer than Brooke liked in a stranger.

"Thanks? That’s it?" she demanded, finally. Brooke stared, taking a step back.

"Uh- look, I don’t have any caps, if that’s what you-" she began, but the woman waved a gloved hand.

"No, no, I just- I mean, I did save your life just now, is all. Don’t you think you maybe owe me something a little more substantial than money?” The woman smiled for a moment, sharp and strange but not entirely unpleasant.

"I’m not really sure what you mean," Brooke said finally, squinting at the woman through her thick glasses. "I don’t really have anything of value on me, so…" Brooke took another step back, ready to run if this turned ugly.

"Okay, no, that’s not what I-" The woman sighed. "Let’s- start over, okay? I’m Loki, and you are?"

"Loki what?" Brooke asked, despite herself. Loki narrowed her eyes slightly.

"Just Loki, actually. For now."

"Well," Brooke said, instantly deciding against telling Loki her full name. There was still a bounty on her head in Reno. "I’m Brooke. For now, just Brooke," she added slyly, and Loki grinned.

"That’s alright, Brooke. Here’s my deal- I saved your life five minutes ago. So let’s stick together for a few days until you have the opportunity to save mine." Loki spread her hands open, beaming. "Pool our resources, travel a little safer… where you headed, anyways?"

"Jacobstown, to the Northwest. In the Rockies," Brooke said quietly, and was not surprised when Loki showed no signs of recognition.

"Well… okay, Jacobstown. That’s on the way to New Vegas, I guess. I mean, they’re both north of here." Loki shrugged. "So let’s travel together until we get to a place where it’s more convenient to split up, okay? We’re going in the same direction right now."

Brooke bit her lower lip, folding her arms across her chest. It did make sense, but there was something off about Loki that Brooke didn’t necessarily trust, even if she wasn’t some stranger out of the blue who walked up and expected favors. Still… it had been a while, a long while, since Brooke had had any company on her trek, and it would be marginally safer. And Loki did save her life, after all.

"Just to the next town," Brooke said finally, checking the map on her Pipboy. "Place called Primm. It’s more of a hub- has a casino and a hotel, a lot of caravans go through it, and it’s got a direct road to Vegas. You could find a courier or a mercenary or even a caravan to travel up to Vegas with you there, and I’ll go on my way from there. Alright?"

Loki looked almost… disappointed, for a second, but she smiled and shrugged. “Sounds like a plan.” She turned to the dead man, searching his pockets and whistling slightly at her finds. Brooke grimaced, glancing away in slight disgust until Loki pushed a couple of small fragmentary grenades into her hands.

"What the hell is this?" Brooke asked flatly, noting that one was still smeared with fresh blood and peppered with sand.

"You’re walking around the wasteland unarmed," Loki said quietly, sounding amused. "I think I would feel really bad if I left you in Primm without anything to protect yourself with." She must have seen the protest forming in Brooke’s face, because she shook her head vehemently. "Look, hopefully you won’t even have to use this, alright? It’s far too unreliable in an actual fight, and you stand at least as good a chance of hurting me or yourself as you do the other guys once they’re close enough. But there’ll be people out there who don’t know that, who’ll give us a little space if they see you’ve got ‘em. We can see about arming you properly once we’re in Primm."

"That’s really not necessary," Brooke said, frowning. "Look, even if I had a more conventional weapon, I don’t even know how to use it- I’m a scientist, not a mercenary."

"Is that right?" Loki smiled sweetly. "Well, Doc, we’ve got a day or two before we hit Primm, don’t we? Maybe you’ll learn something before we get to town.”



Repost since apparently in the last few months there has been a surge of new Bruce Banner and Clint Barton fans. Hooray for live action movies!

 Fic is this way. It’s a one shot, inspired by Dr. Kara and her awesome art!


I actually spent like fifteen minutes typing out this heartfelt, long-ass thing about how you’re awesome and special because of how you love Bruce and how your love of Bruce led me to actually see Bruce as a person with dimension and eventually over time led me to love him, although, admittedly, not as much as you love him.

But then Killian had to ruin what was somewhat a love letter to you, Bruce Banner, and nice things in general by casually coming over and turning my computer off. So, while he is with my brother being distracted by popcorn, I have returned to try to convey the same sentiments, but really I only remember the last line, so I’m gonna recreate that:

You are basically solely responsible for me ever seeing Bruce as a person- flawed, broken, but still deserving and still good- and to me, that is actually a really big deal. It’s changed how I read comics and how I interpret and judge one-on-one and team dynamics whenever he’s around, which is more often than you’d think for a guy who barely gets any screen-time in the fandom.

ALSO, I love you, you’re perfect, never change unless you’re changing your status from “badass awesome” to “super-badass amazingly awesome”, which is also acceptable.

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NSFW I don’t know how to hide things.

Ugh I fail at internets and anatomy




*covers face in shame*

I saw this super sexy gif and I was like,

"Oh, that reminds me of Nick and Loki, I should draw that"

But obviously

this is not as good as the gif was

and also I am so embarassed

But I wanted you guys to see it anyways

So. Yes.