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I was browsing through some tags and I came across a post that proposed a series of tattoos for Clint . They were imaginative enough that it got me thinking about the same thing; I talked to my friend, Sharo, and we came up with something a little .. different.

Clint and Bruce, pre-slash. Genfic. Completely un-beta’d because I am impatient and I don’t like to read my own fic.

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Source: invictofiction

Clint sees the carefully tended cobra lily in a corner of the lab and is reminded, immediately, of Bruce. Compared to Bruce, Clint is an insect- he literally can’t resist, even though he knows it can’t turn out well, he knows Bruce is emotionally unavailable, he knows that even if he doesn’t mean to do it, Bruce will always put Clint second to his condition, to his memories, to his scars.

Clint always climbs back in, hoping that this time will be different.